20 years from their debut album, Garbage’s appeal and relevance to audiences old and new is as powerful as ever. Wrapping up their “20 Years Queer” tour with two sold out shows at the 9:30 Club, fans from all walks showed their appreciation. However, it was one fan that made a lasting impression on Shirley.

Given the rare opportunity to meet the band before the show, one fan approached Garbage modestly. After shaking their hands, he reached into his pocket and presented Shirley with a small token. That token was a medal awarded to him for his charitable acts and contributions. Shirley, in a bit of awe and perhaps bewilderment graciously received his gift.

Just after the encore, Shirley addressed the audience, and in particular the fan who bestowed the token. “You gave me a medal today, and no one has ever given me a medal. I didn’t understand what was happening when you handed it to me at the meet and greet. I didn’t quite understanding what was happening, so I took the medal and made a joke about how no one has ever given me a medal before. And then I went up to my room and I was looking at the medal and, it’s your medal for doing good things. And I felt weird about taking your medal, but I kinda liked it. And now I need to give you something in return…”

And with heartfelt enthusiasm, Shirley presented him with her own bracelet, an armlet that had been custom made. Treasuring his medal, she wanted to return the favor and give him something to treasure as well.

A small gesture. A lasting impression. A lifetime treasure.